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Shannta Silver Clay is a precious metal clay that was made from silver nano particles. Made in Thailand, from our factory.
It is easy for everyone from children to the elderly people to make a beautiful silver jewellery work . The process is so simple, it can be molded like a plasticine. Just after 1 hour firing, the clay become 99.9% silver.

Silver clay 99.9 pure silver can be made into a pendant necklace. Bracelet pendant, earrings, keychain pendant or display model. The finished piece of jewelry is 99.9% pure silver.

***Baking process, A normal food dehydrator can be used to dry the workpiece. If there is no food dehydrator, you can use a hair dryer or leave it to dry for a day instead.

*** The process of firing, if there is no kiln, you can use a gas stove or a torch instead, by firing the work piece to the fire, turning it back and forth until the work piece is seen in red, it is considered burnt well for the whole work.

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