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About Ta-Pian

Inspired by the traditional art of weaving Ta-Pian fish in Ayutthaya province. By using innovative materials, Shannta silver paper type 99.9 is pure silver that is made in the form of paper that is cut into small strips, only 2 millimeters in size, to be weaved one by one into a cute Ta-Pian fish shape.
Ta-Pian fish is a traditional handicraft made in Thai villages that settle along the Chao Phraya River, Ayutthaya Province. The villagers believe that weaving Ta-Pian fish is a symbol of abundance in the canals of the paddy fields where there are many Ta-Pian. Resulting in the handicraft of weaving Ta-Pian fish as a mobile above the cradle of children to bless the child with a long life and have good health.

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