Silver care for Silver 99.9 Jewelry
Silver care for Silver 99.9 Jewelry

Now that you own silver jewelry, you will want to know how to care for it, so that it will remain a beautifully cherished treasure. When cared for properly+, your silver jewelry creation can become an heirloom to be passed down for generations.

Here are some quick tips for maintaining the beauty of your pure silver jewelry:

-Do not shower, swim or clean your house while wearing your silver jewelry.

-Put your silver jewelry on after make-up, lotion and hairspray.

-Remove your silver jewelry before engaging in high in impact activities.

-Never store your fine jewelry in piles to avoid scratching

The easiest and safest method of cleaning pure silver jewelry is with warm, mildly soapy, water and a soft brush. Use a non lemon-scented phosphate-free detergent to create the soapy water.

If any tarnish should occur, you likely will be able to remove it by cleaning your jewelry with the above methods. However, if tarnishing should occur after many years of not wearing and cleaning the jewelry, you may remove the tarnish by using one of the least abrasive commercial silver tarnish removers.

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